How to use Whatsapp on Reliance Jio phones?

As we all know that currently Jio phones does not have whatsapp app but still you can use your whatsapp account running on your smartphones on Jiophones by following below mentioned steps :
1. Go to on your Jio phone through browser and create an account.
2. In order to make the account active either you have to like and tweet the facebook and twitter page of respectively, otherwise you can pay and active your account for specific duration.
3. Once the account is active, you need to open the QR code(While opening the QR code adjust the resolution by zooming at the time when QR code is about to open, so that whole code is visible on screen).
4. Now open Whatsapp on your smartphone and click on options tab of whatsapp account you want to transfer on Jio phone and click on Whatsapp web option.
5. Scan the QR code opened on jio phone, once the scanning is complete you can see your whatsapp account on jio phone.
6. You need to scan the QR code of Jio phone on Whatsapp account of smartphone every time you open the browserling account.

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