Is ISL Helping For Indian Players

Now a day’s Indian football is going through a new phase, and everyone has high expectation from ISL. For some it was the way for Indian football could improve. For the others it was a just a moneymaking gimmick which would soon fall flat.
It is growing every year and it will be good for Indian football. Every move has pros and cons. There has been some impact on I-League clubs. A lot of them are shutting down. Indian coaches are only getting jobs as assistant coaches so there is a clear lack of opportunities for them. I hope it gets better in the future. Also it should be one single league. But the commercials gap between I-League and ISL clubs is so much that it is not happening. It will be great if all things come together. They have to progress together.
This is the next big step. At the U­17 World Cup, the viewers saw a better quality of football and expectations now will be high. We only hope that we can see some improvement in the ISL. When it first started, the Indian players were struggling. Now they are not. They have better lifestyles, they look more professional and in general their level has gone up. You can actually see that in the Indian national team’s football too. They are much better. Earlier the only goal was to join an ISL club. Now players are thinking ahead; like using the ISL as a launch pad for going abroad. But the grass­roots development hasn’t kept pace. We should have done better. By doing that, we could have increased the pool of players for the U­17 World Cup. But right now it seems that only ISL players are getting recognized. There are many talented youth in country who didn’t get change in ISL, only if you have a manager’s or a powerful agent’s backing, you stand a chance.
But overall there is improvement from the first year. Physically, tactically and professionally these players are all better off. Hope that Indian football will be at peak, soon participate in world football tournaments.

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