Grand Slam Winners In The History Of Tennis

A lot has been debated about the best tennis player in the history. For many, Roger Federer, the former number one, is undoubtedly the greatest of all as he has won 17 grand slams till date, which is the most by any player in the men’s circuit. Then there are fans of Rafael Nadal a Spanish professional tennis player, who believes that he is miles ahead of Swiss maestro and had injuries not ruined his chances, he could have easily passed Federer. The Spaniard has won 14 grand slams till date. However, Novak Djokovic, the current world number, is winning everything which is on offer these days. He has added 12 grand slams to his kitty till date and if he continues to do so for three more years, he is sure to pass everyone.
The Serbian recently met Andy Murray in the finale of French Open and a lot was at stake for him as this was his one of the best chances to complete career grand slam. After defeating Murray 12 times in the last 14 encounters, the match was piped in Djokovic’s favor, which turned out to be real in the end. He defeated his opponent in four sets and enroot completed his career grand slam. By doing so, he became the third tennis player in the last one decade after Federer and Nadal to achieve this historic feat. Are these three the best trio ever? Are their records match able? Roger Federer was the first one to break through the dominance of Pete Sampras. He defeated the American legend in the fourth round of the Wimbledon in 2001, which was dubbed as one of the biggest upsets in a decade. Goran Ivanisevic took the honor of winning the title but a star was born in form of Federer. By 2003, he landed his first Wimbledon title and never looked back. He went on to win at least one grand slam title a year for the next nine years which helped him in passing the record set by Pete Sampras and take his own tally to 17. Among Nadal and Djokovic, he was the first one to complete career grand slam when he won the French Open in 2009. In the beginning, it was looking all rosy for the Swiss star as no in 2010. The 14 grand slam wins doesn’t actually verify the true nature of his caliber as he is been suffering injuries after injuries in the last few years otherwise, he would be sitting around by now. To break the winning feat of Nadal, Novak Djokovic came to limelight. He won his first grand slam in 2008 and has added 11 more to his cabinet till date. The trio of tennis Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have won 43 grand slams collectively and have been in the finals a record 47 times. Federer has won record seven titles at the Wimbledon while Nadal has 9 French Open triumphs to his name. When it comes to Serbian star, he has 6 Australian Open championships in his cabinet. If we talk about the careers of Bjorn Borg, Jimmy Connors, Pete Sampras, and Ivan Lendl, the debate about the greatest will be resolved. These four distinguished players won more than 30 Grand slams among themselves but they didn’t had the luxury of completing career grand slam in their respective domain. Apart from this, their tally of 30 grand slam wins is short of the above mentioned three. Andre Agassi was the last player among the generation of Pete Sampras and others to win a career grand slam but he too fell short in terms of overall tally. The time is not far behind when we would see Nadal and Djokovic going pass Pete Sampras in the grand slam column. Looking at these facts, it is easy to establish Federer, Djokovic and Nadal as the best trio ever and it would be next to impossible to match records set by them.
In history of tennis Roger Federer has not won a grand slam title since 2012 but he is always in the contention by making it through to the semis and finals. The same could be said about Nadal, who is struggling to be at his best because of injuries but counting him out completely is wrong. He has defied injuries in the past and who knows, he could once again be back in the top form. As far as Djokovic is considered, he is the current flavor of tennis world and is bound to win more grand slam titles in the near future. With this, the dominance of the trio, is all set to improve and the debate of the greatest will fall in their corner. The fans should feel lucky to witness the best in the business during their life spam.

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