5 ways to feel Awesome

Try these below mentioned techniques to feel awesome in your busy life to help you handle life’s most difficult issue.
1. BE HAPPY: If you had like to feel awesome most of the time, the answer is simple. Just smile more as much as possible. Whether you are doing morning walk, travelling in car, cleaning your teeth or facing your biggest fear, smiling makes you feel better. Research shows that smiling reduces your body stress response, in any situation whether or not you are feeling happy. Another study also indicates that people who smile when stressed have lower heart-rate than those who do not smile.
2. BUST STRESS: Whenever you feel that you are under pressure, take a few moments to visualise a red triangle in your mind, then imagine placing your fears and negative thoughts inside it. Now visualise that triangle is shrinking till it become size of dust, finally take a deep breath in and blow that dust away. When you are anxious it is hard to think about new creative things. But when you take emotional charge out of negative thoughts allow you to think in right direction.
3. BUILT FRIENDSHIP: Eaten a warm brownie is soft, light and comforting whereas eating same thing directly from fridge feel cold, solid and hard to digest. So you are eating same thing but experience is totally different. When you need to talk to you friend think it like eating brownie. Choose your words and tone of voice such that it give feeling of softness rather than cold, bitter. Healthy communication with friends prevent them from become defensive, so both can be more honest without hurting each other feelings.
4. AID CONFIDANCE: You can try this by harnessing energy like kick boxer. Begin this activity by taking wide –legged stance, one foot in front of other and throw punches I one-two formation. Then kick your back leg forward and up and lower back into a wide –legged squat with loud say, ‘I can do this’ or ‘I am doing this’. This technique help in forget problems and train your mind to believe yourself.
5. ENHANCE WELLBEING: In this imagine that you are in a beach, standing at the water’s edge. Tune into rhythm of waves, feel the way waves approach towards you before softly drifting away. Each wave is fluid. Like this each day is fluid, it comes with ups and down. You need to tackle bad timing with positive energy. Always try to look for new opportunities comes within it.

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